The Process of Financial Matters Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution is a process in which the parties to a family dispute, with the assistance of a practitioner, identify disputed issues, develop options, consider alternatives and endeavour to reach agreement and/or enhance their communication. Family dispute resolution processes enable the parties to agree on respectfully finding a settlement while also focusing on any dependent family members, particularly children, who may be affected by the dispute over the financial interests of the parties.

A standard Family Dispute Resolution process involves an individual Pre- Mediation Conference, and if it is deemed appropriate, a joint Family Dispute Resolution session. The process of a financial issues family law mediation generally takes 5 hours for each party; 2 hours for an individual Pre- Mediation Conference and 3 hours for the joint Family Law Mediation.

169962790The role of the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in a standard Family Dispute Resolution process includes the following;

• Preparatory work;
• Phone calls with each party to liaise in relation to appointments;
• Emails in relation to the appointments;
• Information packs provided to each party;
• A Pre- Mediation Conference with each party of 1.5- 2 hours duration;
• Preparation of case management documents in order to proceed to the joint Mediation; and
• Attendance at a joint Mediation of minimum 3 hours duration.

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