FAQ About Workplace Mediation

1How much does Workplace Mediation cost?
The scheduled fees for the Mediation process will generally be negotiated between Blue City Mediations and Employers. The fees for service will be quoted as a rate per hour, with an estimate of the total cost of the service provided. Payment can be made in advance of each Pre Mediation Conference or Joint Mediation Session. Alternatively, due to the particular billing periods of workplaces, tax invoices can be issued by Blue City Mediations and paid by the Employer within an agreed billing period.
2How long does the Mediation process take?
The Pre Mediation Conferences with each individual party can generally occur within 10 days of participants confirming their willingness to participate in the process. The length of the process often depends on the availability of the parties. Blue City Mediations aims to be responsive to client needs and flexible with appointment times. The resolution of workplace conflict can often be achieved in a single joint Mediation session. Where there are complex issues or numerous parties involved, there may be the need for a Mediation that exceeds 3 hours or needs more than one 3 hour Joint Mediation session.
3Where will the Mediation Process take place?
Blue City Mediations is flexible with the range of venues it offers. Most Pre Mediation Conferences and Joint Mediation sessions are held outside the workplace at a neutral facility to maximise privacy. Where it is requested by the parties, and provided that appropriate facilities are available, Blue City Mediations can facilitate the Pre Mediation Conferences and Joint Mediation sessions at the workplace.
4Why do we need Mediation to resolve workplace disputes?
Unmanaged conflict in the workplace can lead to:
  • Accidents;
  • Low morale;
  • Reduced productivity;
  • Bullying and harassment complaints;
  • Absenteeism;
  • Presenteeism; and
  • High staff turnover.

Further Information

Please contact Blue City Mediations if you have any further questions in relation to workplace conflict resolution options or would like to initiate the process. A Mediator is happy to attend your workplace, discuss via telephone or have a meeting online to discuss your situation. Please call us on 0408 080 156 or email bluecitymediations@node1.com.au

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