The process: Initial Contact

Blue City Mediations is contacted by an individual to discuss the possibility of a Mediation to resolve conflict within the workplace.  The initial contact is often made by an HR Professional, an Employer, a concerned Employee or other interested party.  One of the Blue City Mediators will explain the process of Mediation and corresponding fees.

The Blue City Mediator does not require an extensive history of the matter, only a summary of any relevant issues and safety concerns.

The process: Pre Mediation Conference

A Pre Mediation Conference is held individually and confidentially with each key party to the dispute.  The Pre Mediation is a chance for each party to explain their understanding of the workplace conflict to the Mediator and for the Mediator to conduct some risk assessments to ensure it is safe and appropriate to proceed to a Mediation. The separate Pre Mediation Conferences are generally of 1.5 to 2 hours duration.

The process: Joint Mediation Session(s)

If it is considered appropriate to proceed to a joint Mediation session, the Mediator will schedule a Mediation at a time that is convenient for all parties.  The minimum time required for a Joint Mediation is 3 hours.

During the Joint Mediation, the Mediator will assist the parties to:

  • Identify the issues in dispute and clarify them into an agenda of issues to be discussed;
  • Explore the issues in dispute;
  • Generate ideas for the resolution of the issues in dispute;
  • Understand their own best case scenarios and bottom lines;
  • Listen to the other party and their experience of the workplace conflict;
  • Have the other party hear their own experience of the workplace conflict;
  • Develop options that will meet the needs of both parties;
  • Reality test each option;
  • Reach agreements as to a resolution of the issues in dispute.

The process: Conclusion of the Mediation

At the conclusion of the Mediation process a written record of the agreements reached can be provided upon request.  Blue City Mediators will assist the parties to reach agreements that are consistent with organisational policies and legislation.  In some matters we will make general recommendations to management about possible changes to workplace policies, practices or procedures with a view to managing workplace disputes in the future.

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